We develop top-quality products with high nutritive value, promote animals’ health and contribute to long-lasting and happy relation between pets and their owners.


How it all began

Calibra – Czech animal food brand is based on common work of party of vets who were (and are) enthusiastic colleagues and friends.

At the end of 1990’s, Dr. Jaromír Koudela, a progressive vet and manager, succeeded in building up a veterinary distribution company of Noviko. This company was the output of enthusiasm and common work of seven friends with 5 being former fellow students at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno. This was an extremely creative group which grew as fast as the company itself.

Pets mean everything to Calibra

Friends (even the best ones), family members, buddies, sole mates… to but it shortly, all the positive synonyms you may think of. We at Calibra spent lot of time with pets both for business and pleasure. Therefore, the health of your dogs and cats comes always first. Pets are our biggest motivation as well as advisors and critics.

Further development

The Calibra brand has experienced a major and successful development. Its portfolio currently covers the line of superpremium and premium animal food and favourite Joy treats. We are proud that we can offer also veterinary diets which have high demands in term of composition quality.

We from Calibra team are proud that we are exporting our products to over 20 countries all over the world as well as that our international teams adhere to the same values and eagerness to work as at the end of 1990’s in Brno. Thus, we are still striving to develop top-quality products for pets, now also worldwide.

Calibra brand

The idea of own animal food brand dates back to 2001. In spite this idea not being particularly inventive, the main difference lied in a clear vision. Pets care and their health was always the driver for this young team of vets; hence, the company founders head clear vision from the scratch. It is desirable to focus on the quality and to promote healthy and long lives of pets surrounded by their owners.

This is possible thanks to coordinated cooperation among teams comprising specialists for nutrition and animal health, laboratory diagnostics, vets with practical experience, technologists and production specialist, designers, etc. Well-balanced Calibra formulas are the stable result of excellent and long-term cooperation of leading specialists and universities.



start of development


first superpremium dry dog food line of 7 recepies


canned food line for puppies and adult dogs from pork and beef


extension of 4 new products in superpremium dry dog food line


first 2 dental treats for dogs


new logo


4 new superpremium dry dog food recepies (totally 15)


first premium dry dog food line of 5 recepies


new line of meat and dental treats Joy


superpremium dry cat food line


meat treats for cats and new meat and dental treats for dog


new premium dry dog food line of 6 recepies


premium line of dog canned food and cat pouches

2018 VD

dry dog and cat food of veterinary diets


superpremium canned food line for dogs and cats


new superpremium line for dogs and cats


canned food line of veterinary diets


new Premium line of dog dry food

2018 Calibra VD

new recepies of veterinary diets

hovězí a zvěřina | Calibra

new line of canned food Dog Premium Line

cat pouches 2019

new range of cat pouches